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Whisk Spice Labels (Set of 45)



These adorable whisk spice labels come pre-printed in a set of 45. The spice jar labels are printed on five beautiful pastel backgrounds. These make a wonderful cooking gift or enjoy them in your own spice cabinet!

Spice labels included in the set of 45:

Allspice Celery Seed Cumin Seed Mace Rosemary
Anise Chili Powder Curry Powder Marjoram Saffron
Arrowroot Chives Dill Weed Mint Sage
Basil Cinnamon Fennel Seed Nutmeg Savory
Bay Leaves Cloves Five-Spice Onion Powder Sesame Seed
Caraway Seed Coriander Garlic Powder Oregano Tarragon
Cardamom Cream of Tartar Garlic Salt Paprika Thyme
Cayenne Pepper Crushed Red Pepper Ginger Parsley Turmeric
Celery Salt Cumin Ground Mustard Poppy Seed Vanilla Beans
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